Charm and personality in every corner

Castellterçol is located in the middle of the high plateau of the natural region of Moianès, on the borderline between the Vic and Bages plains, and Vallès Oriental. The beauty of its landscapes is unparalleled: the town is surrounded by woods, and Montseny, Montserrat and even the Pyrenees can be seen from any hillock or crest.

The town, which almost doubles its residents in summer, has a large number of springs, torrents, dolmens, oratories and an important number of manor houses, some of them inhabited and others converted into accommodation for rural tourism, which still preserve the charm of the past along with the comfort of modern times. In the town, which is well-preserved, there are beautiful detached houses and mansions.

Castellterçol boasts a diversity of food industries, ranging from natural and organic products to the production of truffle and mushroom preserves, honey, select pastries or precooked meals.

Castellterçol inhabitants also take pride in their La Dansa de Castellterçol (“The Dance of Castellterçol”), officially declared a traditional festival of national interest.

2.424 Inhabitants (2018)
31,9 km2
726 metres above sea level

Places of interest

El Roquer wool washing place

The only one still preserved in Catalonia

The town centre

Modernist buildings

The Castle of Castellterçol

Declared a site of historical and cultural interest

Enric Prat de la Riba’s House Museum

Historical and artistic monument

Dòlmens i oratoris

Testimonis muts del passat

Fonts de Castellterçol

Una cinquantena d’inventariades

Masies de Castellterçol

L’autosuficiència de les cases de pagès

Poblat Ibèric

Els nostres avantpassats