Monistrol de Calders

The heritage of charming people

Monistrol is the youngest municipality of Moianès. It was part of the municipality of Calders until 1934. It is located in a hidden corner between the Bages plain, the Sant Llorenç del Munt range and the high plateau of Moianès.

Monistrol de Calders is characterized by a mountainous territory, with alternating brooks and uplands; three quarters of the area are covered by pine forests, holm oak woods and scrubs. Surrounded by forests and brooks, it is the ideal place for trekking, MTB…, and enjoying the charming landscape and nature. You can also find archaeological remains: there is a very well-preserved dolmen at Pla de Trullars.

The abundance of water is remarkable in Monistrol; there are more than 30 springs which rise in different spots and it is crossed by three brooks which converge in the lower part of the village to form the Calders river.

The effect of erosion over the years has shaped a unique landscape with a personality of its own, dominated by large rock shelters and huge stones which have been moulded into remarkable and attractive shapes, popularly known as codros.

Gastronomy is another characteristic feature of this place, which boasts various renowned restaurants and establishments where you can taste the best traditional Catalan cuisine and purchase local products prepared using traditional methods.

685 Inhabitants (2018)
21,96 km2
447 metres above sea level

Places of interest

Sala’s Mill

Flour mill

El Serrat Park

Green area for recreation

The Blue Pools

One of the most impressive landscapes of Monistrol

Baumes i codros

Paratges espectaculars

Capella de Sant Pere Màrtir

Dalt d’un serrat

Mirador del Pla de Trullàs

Espectaculars vistes