The agro-food production is gaining in importance in the Moianès region, ranging from agricultural and livestock holdings which produce veal, pork, poultry – conventional or organic –  to a long tradition of butchers, bakers, confectioners, chocolate and cheese makers, manufacturers of products derived from soya, including distributors and restaurant owners specialised in these high quality ingredients.

In the last years, the brand El Moianès ve de gust – created by Consorci del Moianès – has helped turn the local produce and the dishes cooked with them into an important tourist element and an economic catalyst for towns and villages in the Moianès region. The campaign Tasta’m (“try me”) has been designed based on this high quality produce.

Tasta’m is a way of getting to know the Moianès produce more and better.
Tasta’m is a service for the agricultural producers and the food industry workers.
Tasta’m is a way of understanding the relationship between the producer and the consumer.
Tasta’m Is a framework for placing high quality produce on the gastronomic map
Tasta’m is an experience that captures you and gives you a taste of Moianès
Tasta’m is a campaign promoted by Consorci del Moianès.

Local Producte List

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  • • Castellterçol
  • • Moià
  • • Monistrol de Calders
  • • Sant Quirze Safaja
  • • Santa Maria Oló
  • Ecologic
  • Food
  • Local produce

Agroecologia La Taiadella

Organic vegetables – Castellterçol


Natural eggs

Agropecuària del Moianès, SCCL

Agroshop. Sikaru beer – own brand

Alimentació Reixach (Grocery), SCP (l’Hostal butcher’s)

Butcher’s / Delicatessen and food products / CCPAE-certified organic veal and lamb


Olive oil producer


Butcher’s, delicatessen, artisan prepared dishes

Associació La Datzira

CCPAE-certified organic garden produce and kid meat

Autoservei Ca la Maria

Delicatessen shop


CCPAE-certified organic cereal and veal _Moià

Biodelícies, SCP

Whole meal products by Jaume and Biodelícies: bread, ice cream, pastries…

Ca la Isabel


Ca la Teresa

Butcher’s and delicatessen. 24-hour service_Moià

Cal Bou

Bread and pastries

Cal Bou-Moià

Cal Bou – Moià

Cal Maties, SL

Butcher’s and delicatessen. Sale of products made in the Moianès region. Moià

Cal Nadeu

CCPAE-certified organic bread (Fermentus panem) and organic products

Cal Noc

Delicatessen shop in Moià

Cal Padrisa

Butcher’s and delicatessen_ Moià

Cal Plàcid

Cake shop in Moià

Cal Ticot

Butcher’s and delicatessen

Cal Tuneu

Sausages / Delicatessen – L’Estany

Cal Vives

Delicatessen / Butcher’s

Cal Xaconet

Bread and pastry

Can Sans

Cereal, pulses- Castellcir

Can Tarhom

Sausages, delicatessen

Casa Amella Bio Food, s.l.

Natural and organic products

Casa Sala

Sausages and pig products

Comercial Safaja

Artisan prepared food manufacturer

Conserves Coll, SL

Mushrooms and truffles

Delícies del Moianès, SCP

Fruit juices, nuts, jams, cream of vegetable soups, etc.


Online sale of organic products_ Moià

El Gai

Cereal, pulses and CCPAE-certified organic veal

El Raiguer

Bakery and cake shop / Organic bread

El Toll Aviram Ecològic, SCP

CCPAE-certified organic chicken

El xai de la Roser

Organic lamb and cereal_ Santa Maria d’Oló

Fai Ecològic

CCPAE-certified organic lamb and honey

Fai Natur, S.L.

Herbal teas with honey, medicinal plants

Fleca Tantiñà

Bread, cakes and pastries Bakery

Formatges Montbrú

Cheese and dairy produce, and CCPAE-certified cheese

Forn Ca la Ramona

Bread and pastries Bakery

Forn de Baix

Bread and pastries

Forn de Cal Tutó, S.C.P

Bread and pastry baked in a wood-fired oven

Forn de Collsuspina

Bread and pastries

Forn de Dalt

Bread and pastries

Forn de Pa Cal Tià

Bread baked in wood-fired oven and pastries

Forn de Pa La Tosca

Bread and pastry

Forn i Pastisseria Catot

Bread and pastries

Gastronomia Homs, SL

Meat products_ Moià

Granja La Bassola, SAT

Veal. Direct supply from the farmer to the consumer. CCPAE-certified organic meat

Granja Roca

Home-bred pork (natural)

La Cabreria

Grassland goat’s milk cheese: fresh, semi-cured and cured

La Fruiteria de Cal Sens

Jams, stocks, broth, sauces, cream of vegetable soups

La Ginebreda

CCPAE-certified organic lamb

La Moianesa, SL

Pasta manufacturer: CCPAE-certified macaroni, noodles

Les Refardes

CCPAE-certified production of old, local or traditional varieties of seeds.

Lluel Carnisseria


Mas Brugarolas

CCPAE-certified organic chicken, veal, cereal and fodder

Mas Molí del Castell

Garden produce free of chemicals – Santa Maria d’Oló

Mas Reixac

CCPAE-certified organic veal

Melmelades del Bosc

Jams, honey, wild mushrooms in season throughout the year

Miró Pastisseria Bomboneria, SL

´Confectioner’s shop


CCPAE-certified organic lamb and cereal, and small bales of hay; direct supply by the producer to consumers

Naturaliment Suquipà, SL

Roasted vegetables

Natureco, SL

Organic meals and semolina made from cereals grown in the Moianès region and nearby regions. Natureco is a company which distributes organic products.

Nutrition & Santé iberia SL

CCPAE-certified organic food

Pastisseria Àger, SL

Patisserie, confectioner’s and ice cream shop

Pizzeria La Bruixa

Embotits ecològics / pizzes convencionals i ecològiques – Moià

Productes del Moianès, SL (Nadolç)

CCPAE-certified organic dairy products and soya desserts

Productes El Canadell, SL

Cheese and dairy products

Queviures La Tenda

Alimentació – Sant Quirze Safaja

Queviures Ponsa

Sausages and groceries

Sosa Ingredients, SL

Ingredients for patisserie, ice creams and cooking

Vall-Llosana, SCP

CCPAE-certified organic veal and cereal


CCPAE-certified organic veal

Vedella de Trullàs

CCPAE-certified organic veal

Vegetàlia, SL

Natural and CCPAE-certified organic products


Organic veal producers