Castellterçol Castle

Documents exist of the castle from 898 AD and it was built – probably around the second half of the 9th century – by Terçol, the right-hand man of Guifré el Pilós, the Count of Barcelona. Later, it became the property of the Xetmar family, who sold it to the L’Estany Monastery in 1259. It then passed into private hands. In the 16th century, the current workers’ cottage was built within the castle walls.The Anzizu family acquired the property in 1987 and from then on, with the help of the Catalan government and the local group “Friends of Terçol castle”, they organised the consolidation and excavation of the oldest parts of the castle, alongside initiating farming activities (shrub nurseries), cultural activities (summer concerts) and rural tourism (managed by the Ruralverd company).


 Castell de Sant Miquel | 08183 Castellterçol

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