The goal of the Moianès Ecomuseum is to create an open museum, one that is integrated into the scenery and surrounding environment and anchored in the roots of the land, in the very place that traditional activities were carried out.

Esplugues is one of the Ecomuseum’s side projects, where the techniques used to take advantage of the forest’s resources are explained to visitors. Visitors learn about self-sufficiency, how people lived in isolated rural houses and how they preserved food, how they collected and used medicinal plants and how they turned wood into charcoal, among other topics.

Esplugues is an extremely special and unique building in the Moianès region, the house is built under an overhanging rock ledge which serves as a roof. The cave under the ledge was inhabited during the troglodyte era. The building has a ground floor and two upper floors and was inhabited up until 2002. The property is finished off by the roof and an 11th century Romanesque bridge.



Mas Esplugues | Crta. BV 1310, km.3,8 | 08183 Castellcir

 93 830 14 18 Consorci del Moianès