Dry-stone structures

Access to the starting point:
Take road C-25 (Eix transversal) from either Vic or Manresa up to the exit for Santa Maria d’Oló, and go on along the road BV-4315 up to Oló. The starting point is at the very entrance to the town, in Catalunya square.

Description of the itinerary:
From the square, cross the street towards the Gros stream, heading for La Rovirola, and when reaching the Cal Graci plain, take the southwest-bound path. Carry on downhill until reaching the Altimires stream, and cross the Serra Borina (Borina hill range) up to Riera d’Oló (Oló stream). Carry on along the upstream path until reaching the uphill trail to Feixetes, and then further on, to the Hortes fountain. Heading north to the Segimon hill range, you will reach the downhill path to the Illa plain. Cross the Oló stream again and go up the Auberg hill, to the north, until you arrive at the Sant Sebastià oratory. Heading back to the starting point you will cross small plains on the way down to the village, and go past the Morena plain up to Catalunya Square.

Points of interest along the route:
Sustainably humanised landscape environment: terraces held by dry-stone walls and different types of dry-stone huts and cabins. Other remarkable points of interest include the surroundings of the Oló stream, the changing views of the village, the Segimon hills and the Sant Sebastià oratory.

Technical data and signposting

  • Distance: 12 km
  • Climb: +460 m
  • Means: on foot
  • Length: about 4 hours
  • Path: 40% track and 60% narrow path
  • Suitability: medium to high difficulty
  • Signposting: painted markers
  • Route colour: Yellow