Dry stone tour in Monistrol de Calders

The pedra seca (dry stone) tour, in Monistrol de Calders, is an interesting itinerary within the rural heritage of Monistrol, which is part of the Moianès Ecomuseum.

Throughout this route, we come across many dry stone huts. We will see how the skilful and expert hand of man managed to use slabs of any size to build shelters and huts to keep tools and provide shelter in case of rain or scorching sun. The old stones have been kept and are now shown in the Moianès Ecomuseum, and in particular, on this route.

The tour is divided into three stages:

1st – From the historic centre to the Om
2nd – From the Om to Pla de Trullars
3rd – From Pla de Trullars to Casanova

Outstanding sites of the route:

- L’Om: A very old country house, it already appears with this name in medieval documents. Currently, all that is left from the house is a haystack, a wine press and a well. It was used and inhabited until mid-twentieth century. It was one of the historical farmhouses of Monistrol, a point of reference in the south-east of the area.

- Pla de Trullars dolmen: The megalithic dolmen called Pla de Trullàs is located in the municipality of Monistrol de Calders, in the south-west of the Moianès region, placed in a privileged location, at a height of 571 m. These are the oldest remains of the village.

- Casanova farmhouse: It is of uncertain origin, but it was mentioned in some documents of the 16th century. It was inhabited and used until the end of the 18th century or beginnings of the 19th century. Then it fell into disuse and became derelict, as it can be seen today.

- Codro Gros or Pedró Gros: a huge stone, a point of reference in this area. From this spot, the parochial area used to be blessed once a year. It is situated next to the path of Granera, which is possibly an age-old path: it could even have been a Roman road, although what we do know is that it is a path from the Carolingian period.

You can find more information about these routes, along with leaflets, in the Consorci del Moianès Tourist Office.