El bosc de la Ribera (riverside forest)

Access to the starting point:
Take road C-25 from either Vic or Manresa until you get to the exit for Santa Maria d’Oló and from there go along the BV-4315 road to Oló. At the entrance to the village you will find a square called Plaça Catalunya, which is the starting point of the route.

Description of the itinerary:
From the square, go down the main street through the Sant Antoni Maria Claret square and past the new church of Santa Maria. Continue through the narrow streets and then along the path, descending until you cross the Oló stream. From this point onwards, going south-west downstream, follow the path that goes along the Oló stream until you get to the Altimires mill. From there, go around the bottom part of the mill and cross the old footbridge over the stream, taking the short and narrow path that links up with the Les Marrades path. From here, return to the village on the same path that you took at the beginning of the route.

Points of interest along the route:
The Oló stream and the riverside forest, the Roc fountain, the Coix mill aqueduct, the Altimires mill. Also noteworthy is the location of the old town of Oló and the views over the village.

Technical data and signposting:

  • Distance: 4 km
  • Climb: +65 m
  • Means: on foot
  • Time: about 3 hours
  • Route: 50% track and 50% path
  • Suitability: suitable for everyone
  • Signposting: painted markers
  • Route colour: green