El Castell de la Popa

We will find the Castell de la Popa by leaving Castellcir and taking the path which starts to the left of the Local Social (Pl. Abat Escarré) and which leads down to the Castellcir stream. After a good number of curves, the path takes us to a crossroads. To the right we have the path which leads to the Sant Andreu de Castellcir church, but we will take the path to the left, towards the northeast and the Masia de Ca l’Antonja.

We go across the cattle grid and, rather than go into the country house, we leave the house and barn to our right and an old storage building to our left and we take the path that passes a few metres in front of the house. A few metres ahead, the path splits, and we take the path that leads to the right, past a metal gate for the livestock. We go past a field, next to a large Moorish tower – the remains of an old defence tower – now completely in ruins.

The Castell de la Popa is now in front of us, built on top of the hill. Where the field we have just passed finishes, there are various markers indicating the start of the trail that leads up to the castle. We leave the path and start to head up the trail. The trail begins climbing up rocky ground and then soon heads into the forest where we pass a fence via a small gate in the middle of the way. We soon arrive at the foot of Castellcir Castle, also known as the Castell de la Popa (Stern Castle) for the similarity it bears to the stern of a ship.

We can return via the same route.


Longitud: 7 Km. Durada: 1h. anada Dificultat: Mitjana