Lime kiln

The art and sustainability centre, Forn de la Calç de Calders (CACIS) aims to be a meeting point between culture, history and sustainability.
Some former lime kilns were chosen to be restored for their unique features, state of conservation and their architectural and industrial value. The goal is to be a sustainable contemporary art centre. The centre is dedicated to research, produce and exhibit contemporary cultural and art projects, in all their manifestations, especially those related to ecology and the environment.
The centre has a permanent exhibition with a historical and technical representation of the Calders lime kiln; a space for temporary exhibitions (paintings, sculptures, photography, etc.); an open air space for theatre and musical events; bio-architectural features and sustainable building techniques; technology, creation and contemporary thought workshops aimed at students, creators and artists; tours of the lime kilns and adjacent spaces.


 Ctra. N 141c km 12  | 08275 Calders

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