From the Wool washing Place to the Ice Wells

We leave the Plaça dels Estudis, heading towards the road that leads to Granera, turning right towards the Coll de la Creuta (Hill of the Cross). Before we arrive at the cross however, we will turn towards the north along the Pinassa de la Closella path, arriving at the Ginebreda-Pedrós path. We pass alongside the Ginebreda masia, leaving it to our right. We go around the property and on the way down we pass next to the Sant Gaietà chapel (3.310km).

This chapel held services for the only ice workers’ guild that has ever existed in Catalonia. We carry on in the direction of the road that runs from Castellterçol to Moià. Once we are nearly at the road, we will turn right down a narrow track; we will pass under the road by means of a little bridge and arrive on the other side. There, turning to the left we will find Ginebreda’s four ice wells (3.420km), of which the third well can be visited (subject to prior reservation with the Consorci de Moianès).

The manufacturing of ice became a significant industry in the Moianès region due to its climate and proximity to Barcelona. Castellterçol was the town that best organised the production and distribution of ice in the pre-industrial era, and to this day conserves a large number of wells, ponds and loading stations. The third well of the Ginebreda Ice Wells (a Moianès Ecomuseum place to visit) is open to visitors and here we will be able to see what an ice well was like, how people worked there and how the ice was then distributed and sold.

There is a little path that leads from the wells to the El Vapor Industrial Estate, behind which, on the other side of the Fontscalents stream, you will find the wool washing place, the only example remaining in Catalonia (4km).

By car
To get to the wool washing place, you need to take the C-59 road. You can park in the El Vapor Industrial Estate. The washing place is behind the industrial estate, on the other side of the Fontscalents stream (10 minutes).
To get to the Ginebreda Ice Wells, the recommended route is to walk from the El Vapor de Castellterçol Industrial Estate (20 minutes walk), as road access to the wells is difficult. Once at the industrial estate, you need to orient yourself, facing the Natursoy and Sutracas buildings. Between them is a passage which will take you round the back of the Natursoy building. You will then need to cross the stream and continue along the path. The walk only takes twenty minutes and is easily accessible. This way, you can easily leave your car parked in the factory car park. Once at the wells, if you have previously arranged a visit with the Consorci del Moianès, you will be able to go into the third well.


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