Ginebreda Ice Wells

These ice wells are unique in the whole Mediterranean area as there are 4 adjacent wells which are not internally connected. This fact highlights the great importance that this activity had in the Moianès region, and particularly in Castellterçol.

The first of the 4 wells was built in the mid-17th century, and by the beginning of the 18th century all 4 wells had been built. The 3rd well has been restored and visitors can access the inside of it. Of particular note are the two slender arches supporting the vault and the adjacent hut from where workers entered and exited the well interior.
We will go into an ice well to experience what they are like and feel a whole range of sensations: darkness, damp, cold, etc. We will also learn how the ice was made and sold, along with other fascinating insights.

Location and directions: the ice wells are located on the right hand side of the C-59 road, between Castellterçol and Moià, after the industrial estate and before the Pont de la Fàbrega.
The best way to arrive is on foot from the Polígon El Vapor de Castellterçol industrial estate (15 minutes walk), as road access is difficult. Once at the industrial estate, you need to orient yourself, facing the Natursoy and Sutracas buildings. Between them is a passage which will take you round the back of the Natursoy building. You will then need to cross the stream and continue along the path.
The walk only takes a quarter of an hour and is easily accessible. This way you can easily leave your cars parked in the factory car park.



 Crta. C-59 de Castellterçol a Moià (darrera el P.I. El Vapor) | 08183 Castellterçol

93 830 14 18 – Consorci del Moianès