Hill of the Senses

Guided tour of the Turó dels Sentits (Hill of the Senses), where aromatic, culinary and medicinal herbs are all grown, situated in a lovely setting within the grounds of Mas Montserrat, home of the food company Vegetàlia.
We will learn and discover as we take a walk around the various medicinal, therapeutic and culinary plants and herbs which we see. Why do aromatic herbs smell? What properties does winter savory have? What plants are good for aiding digestion? Popular wisdom has created a form of agriculture that benefits people and respects the environment, in this tour we will see how.
What’s more, you will be able to walk barefoot along the Therapeutic Path, made up of different natural elements such as clay, pine cones and hay, which all provide us with a range of health benefits.
Then we will have a lunch of Vegetàlia products and attend a workshop. Sound good? Sign up now!


 Mas Montserrat | 08183 Castellcir

 93 866 61 61