Jardins de Cal Riera

The Cal Riera Botanical Garden is located in a beautiful setting, next to the Mirador de la Creu. A private centre, it opened in 1999 and merges the values of research and biology, as well as those relating to cultural education, scenery and emotions.

The aim of the gardens is one of conservation and to spread the knowledge of the uses that can be made of plants (in remedies, cooking, cosmetics, etc.). Cal Riera is home to more than 180 species, including medicinal plants, wild plants, fruit trees, vegetables and shrubs. Although the majority are Mediterranean species, native to the Moianès region, we can also find specimens from the United States and Japan here.

The gardens aim to spread knowledge and teach people about our plant-based heritage to thereby contribute to its conservation.
The gardens are next to Mirador de la Creu in Moià, with some spectacular views.





 Mirador de la Creu (Jardí botànic)  | 08180 Moià

  630 98 22 15