La Masia del Solà

Innovation and tradition seem difficult to combine, and yet these are the basic principles that La Masia del Solà Restaurant operates on.
Innovating by applying the latest technology, both in our cuisine and in the service we offer our customers, enables us to use the latest culinary techniques, thus improving taste and enhancing flavours.
Offering our diners the best service of Catalan cuisine so that they feel at home with us is one of the main goals of Masia del Solà Restaurant.
The extensive a la carte menu of La Masia del Solà Restaurant enables our customers to taste our traditional home-style dishes, featuring the characteristic flavours of Mediterranean and

Catalan cuisine, while enjoying the most modern and innovative cooking style that our chefs offer.

We also offer a catering service.

For a complete service, you can find accommodation in our guesthouse, which provides 8 junior suites including all the facilities, even a swimming pool for the summer.


 Ctra. Sabadell a Prats, km 32,5| 08275 Monistrol de Calders

93 839 90 25