L’Estany visitor centre

The visitor centre, along with the cultural and tourist routes in the town of L’Estany, is aimed at conserving the cultural heritage of the area and promoting sustainable socioeconomic development. The core of this project is focussed on understanding the origin and evolution of the land, the town and its inhabitants.

The visitor centre, located in part of the former residences of the Santa Maria de L’Estany monastery, provides information about tourist and cultural services and resources in the municipal district. It promotes the value of the archaeological, historic, architectural, artistic and ethnological heritage of L’Estany in combination with its landscape.
As such, the visitor centre functions as the gateway to routes around the area, in which you can discover, enjoy, get to know, experience and share the cultural landscape in L’Estany.

Come and experience the thrill of filling your senses with culture and nature!


rutes estany


 Pl. Monestir, 4 | 08148 L’Estany

 93 830 30 00