Mas Padrós

Hi! I’m Mas Padrós and you will find me in the Collsuspina municipality, between the Osona and Bages regions but within the Moianès county limits.
Recently, my ancient walls have been rejuvenated – restored, so they say – but without losing any of their old-world charm. Here the revealed stonework will speak to you of times past, of other uses, of the wisdom and knowledge past generations needed to live in an environment where nothing was surplus and everything had a purpose.
If you want to take advantage of your stay to go hiking or mountain biking, I can tell you that many routes converge at Mas Padrós so you can get to know the region on your own steam.
Gosh! I don’t mean to be a bore, but if you are looking to unwind in a rural environment, you don’t need to go far, as I am just an hour from Barcelona.


Mas Padrós | 08178 Collsuspina

 609 15 47 07