Naturaliment Suquipà, SL

Naturaliment Suquipà SL is an agro-food company making preserved and semi preserved
vegetables since 1998. We have an important production capacity and our main goal is to

achieve top quality products, as a result of our intense dedication.
All our products based on green and red peppers, aubergine and onion, are roasted in wood- fired ovens, which makes us different from other producers and means we are pioneers in our sector.
We offer products which belong to the world-renowned Mediterranean diet and offer traditional tastes. Grated, sautéed and fried tomato; cream of vegetable soup, pumpkin and carrot soup, mushroom soup, courgette soup; vegetable stock and gazpacho; escalivada, escalivada with onion; onion, aubergine and pepper strips; onion, tomato and pepper jams; soya bean sprouts, corn, grated carrots, Mediterranean salad and artichoke hearts; grilled potatoes and calçots (spring onions); romesco sauce (Catalan sauce with chilli), calçots sauce and allioli (garlic mayonnaise); spinach, ratatouille, vegetable and mushroom, escalivada, and 5-vegetable hamburgers.

What is more, as we always go for healthy options, almost all our products are suitable for suitable for people with coeliac disease.


Responsable: Joaquim Druguet Liébanes

Elaborador i distribuïdor: Escalivades

 La Caseta. Avda. Santa Coloma, 25 | 08183 Castellcir

93 866 81 67