Productes El Canadell, SL

Agrofresc was created in 2007 by merging our two farms, La Torre d’en Roca in Sallent and Mas El Canadell in Santa Maria d’Oló, with the aim of joining forces and marketing our products together throughout Catalonia.

At Torre d’en Roca we rear Friesian cows and obtain fresh milk for our range of yoghurts and desserts, and at El Canadell farmhouse we make cottage cheese, fresh and cured cheese from the same milk.

As well as commercialising our own products, Agrofresc supplies shops with a selection of agricultural products which meet our standards: quality ingredients obtained using traditional artisanal methods, directly supplied by the producer.

Agrofresc has always opted for quality fresh local products, directly supplied by the farmer, and these values define our company.


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