Route around the Town and its Environs

We leave the Plaça dels Estudis towards the road that leads to Granera and at the crossroads we head towards the Castell de Sant Miquel. After 10-15 minutes walking, we arrive at the castle. Here, we can visit various parts of the castle such as the moat, the 12th century defence tower, the external walls from the 13th and 14th centuries and the chapel. We can also see the Sant Miquel chapel from the 12th century. 950 metres.

Continuing along the path, we find an offshoot to the right which will lead us to the Prat del Pou, where there are some picnic tables. 1.4 km.

If we turn back to the crossroads, we then need to take the left path and pass by the houses Can Tombarella and Can Revitllat. Once we have crossed the stream, we will find the Poua de Can Revitllat (Can Revitllat Well) path on the left.
Continuing along the path, we will find a path to our right, and at the second fork we need to take the left path, arriving at Masia Casuch and entering into the town centre to arrive back at the starting point. 4.1 km.

Once back in the town centre we can take the opportunity to visit:

La Casa-Museu Prat de la Riba; declared as a monument of cultural interest as the Catalan politician Enric Prat de la Riba (1870-1917) was both born and died here. An eminent lawyer, he was president of the Diputació de Barcelona (Barcelona Provincial Government) and founder of the Commonwealth of Catalonia, of which he was the first president.

The Parish Church of Sant Fruitós was built between 1628 and 1679. It is formed of three naves, with very detailed stonework. It also contains the baroque style Santíssim chapel. It was consecrated in 1111 and was built over a former church on the same site.

Around the church we will mind the majority of the town’s shops, a perfect opportunity to buy some of the region’s typical products: honey, mushrooms, truffles, organic natural products and excellent homemade cured meats.

Throughout the town centre we will find aristocratic houses with very interesting architectural features in the façades. Of particular note are: El Palau del Marquès d’en Dou in Carrer de Barcelona, El Tint in Carrer del Quadró and El Casal Comes. In addition, we mustn’t forget to take a look around Carrer Baix and Carrer Sant Llogari.


Longitud: 4 Km. Durada: 50m. Dificultat: Baixa