Sant Cugat de Gavadons

Itinerary and points of interest: Les Casetes neighbourhood, Mas l’Oller, Can Regàs, source of the Congost River, Sant Cugat de Gavadons chapel, Sant Cugat de Gavadons viewpoint, Mas Bellver, Mas

Noalard, Mas l’Oller, Les Casetes neighbourhood.

Description: We leave the Plaça Major and head towards the N-141 road. After crossing the road, we continue towards the Les Casetes neighbourhood, and then carry on along the GR 177 until we arrive at Mas l’Oller, from where we will take the path to the right that rises steeply. Once we have passed the stream, we carry on straight ahead and take the path to the left which takes us further uphill. We continue along this path and will find a sign for the font de Can Regàs (source of the Congost River). Once we arrive at the Can Regàs house, we take the path to the left towards Sant Cugat de Gavadons.

We get to a crossroads, where we will find a sign indicating the way to Sant Cugat to the left. (We also have the option of heading up a narrow track which we have in front of us, which serves as a shortcut to the church.)

To return, we take the paved path past the houses Mas Bellver and Mas Noalard, pass Mas l’Oller and the Les Casetes neighbourhood for the second time, to arrive back at the start point.


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Distància recorreguda: 6,47 Km. Durada aproximada: 1h. 40m. (a peu)

Pensada per fer a peu o amb bicicleta. Irinerari circular i poc dificultós, amb inici i fi a la plaça Major.