Sender de Puig Rodó

From the town, we take the path above the northern mine entrance and a few metres further on we take another path to the left. After passing a valley, we carry on along the path to the right which goes around the whole valley then turns and crosses the stream. We then continue along a path leading to the right (just a little further up there is the entrance to the Font Canaleta – the area where the fountain is located has a particular charm and what’s more, it is said that the fountain’s waters have medicinal properties. It is about an hour’s walk from the town, 4km). Following the path, we will arrive at a small flat area with a cross, and we take the path that goes uphill. This path passes next to Casanova de la Vall, and leads to the old livestock road (also known as the French Road). We take this path to the right, towards the Collet de la Caseta Alta, where the GR 3 and GR 177 meet. We carry on to the right. 700m further on there is the Puig Rodó which we can see ahead of us. We then take a path which leads down towards the houses La Cabanya, Comes Vell and Comes Nou, next to the road. Finally, we go uphill, passing by Cal Jan, until we meet the main path, along the route of the GR 3 and GR 177, and return back to L’Estany.


Llargada: 14 Km. Desnivell: 280 m. Durada: 3h. 30m. Dificultat: Moderada