The Castle of Granera

The castle of Granera is situated on top of a rocky outcrop which dominates the small village, and the small cluster of houses known as the Castel quarter. Built at the end of the crest line known as the castle crest line, it is situated at an altitude of 830 m. The castle still has all the walls which delimit the site and has an interesting polygonal structure to adapt to the rocky outcrop which constitutes its base.
The castle is built with high quality stone. The entrance is to the east and there are two ramps paved with stones to access it. Inside the castle, which is closed, there are important remains of of a large house with Gothic structures of a chapel and other structures.

The first written reference to the castle of Granera dates from the year 971. It was in a count’s ownership and was considered part of the County of Manresa. At the beginning of the 11th century the family of the lords of Balsareny was granted the freehold of its property. Then it passed through marriage to the viscountcy of Barcelona, returned to the crown and was granted to several families.

The castle constitutes the most important viewpoint in the southwest of the region of Moianès, with impressive views over Sant Llorenç de Munt and Montserrat. Every 6th of January, the Epiphany, many people go up to the castle to see the sun pass through the Roca Foradada (a rock with a hole in it) in Montserrat.