Toll Caves

The site is formed of a group of cavities almost 2km in length which were inhabited by humans and animals at least one hundred thousand years before our time.

The first prehistoric settlers took refuge in the Toll Caves, which were re-discovered in modern times in 1952. Numerous remains of Quaternary fauna have been found here, as well as evidence of human presence from the mid –Palaeolithic period. There are also abundant remains from the Neolithic period and a considerable number of burial sites. One of the caves, the Cova de les Toixoneres, is currently under archaeological excavation.

The river running through the centre of the caves and the shapes of their walls and cavities lend the limestone structure an extraordinarily beautiful touch.
The guided tour lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.



 Crta. N-141C, km 32 | Pista asfaltada de 3 km fins a les coves  | 08180 Moià

  938 20 91 34