Vegetàlia, SL

Since 1986, Vegetàlia has been producing and distributing a wide range of organic products and we have pioneered the production of vegetable protein. Ever since we started our company, we have opted for natural and organic food, trying to maintain a balance between tradition and the use of cutting-edge technology.
This task is closely related to our commitment to people and the land, and the way of achieving and maintaining it is by ensuring quality and sustainability.
At Mas Montserrat we found the suitable place where to develop our activity. Located in an exceptional spot of the natural region of Moianès, in the village of Castellcir, we have 70 hectares of farming land and woods, 1000 m2 of food manufacturing facilities, 1.800 m2 of warehouse space, 350 m2 of office space and a stone farmhouse.
At Vegetàlia we think that high quality food is an essential factor of good health, since we are what we eat. That is why our objective also focuses on the promotion and spreading of organic products, which are tastier, healthier and more nutritious. Experience gives us the certainty that food keeps us alive, but it is a healthy natural diet which gives us quality of life.


Responsable: Salvador Sala Druguet

Productor, elaborador i distribuïdor: Productes naturals i ecològics CCPAE

 Mas Montserrat | 08183 Castellcir

93 866 61 61 | 900 161 632