The Moianès region has long been a destination for hiking and excursions, with an extensive network of signposted paths which allow you to choose outings suitable for a range of levels. You can opt for  a gentle after lunch walk or longer, whole day or multiple day routes; on foot, bicycle or horseback.


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The Route of Sant Andreu

St Andrew’s Church

The Moianès Hiking Trail

Long distance trail gr 177

The Marius Torres Route

A walk through poetry

Serene territories

An itinerary for a peaceful walk

Sender del Soler de Terrades

Great to do by bicycle

Sender de Puig Rodó

On foot or by bicycle

Sender de Puig Castellar

Unique views of the Moianès region and the Pyrenees

Sender de la Rovirassa

Easy route, perfect for walking

Sender de la Riera d’Oló

Ruta 4; Itinerari de natura i patrimoni, 14 km.

Santa Coloma Sasserra

Former parish church

Santa Coloma Sasserra

Antiga parròquia

Sant Cugat de Gavadons

Romanesque church and viewpoint

Roc de la Guàrdia

Hill with excellent viewpoints

Riera d’Oló Route

The river ecosystem and the area’s historic heritage

Muntanya de Pol

Mountain range between Moià and Collsuspina

La ruta de les fonts

Ruta de les fonts

From the Wool washing Place to the Ice Wells

Discover the Moianès Ecomuseum

From Moià to the Vall de Marfà

We go deep into the Marfà Valley (Vall de Marfà in Castellcir)


Part of the Moianès Ecomuseum

Els Retaules barrocs d’Oló

Ruta 8: Visita al patrimoni, 2 esglésies

El poble i el seu entorn

Ruta 6: Itinerari de paisatge i patrimoni, 5 km

El domini de la terra

Itinerari: El domini de la terra

El domini de l’aigua

Itinerari: El domini de l’aigua

El Castell de la Popa

A castle on top of a rock

El Brai d’Oló

Ruta 1; Itinerari geològic a peu, 2 km.

El Bosc de Ribera

Ruta 2; Itinerari de natura, 4 km.

Dry stone tour in Monistrol de Calders

Historic centre – L’Om –Pla de Trullars dolmen – Mas Casanova – Codro Gros

Construccions de pedra seca

Ruta 5: Itinerari de natura i patrimoni, 12 km

Circular route around Sant Quirze Safaja

An enjoyable walk around the town

Circular Route around Granera

Walking or by mountain bike

Cingleres de la Gavarresa

Ruta 3; Itinerari de natura, 27 km.

Casanoves Forest – El Querol

Oak forest and dry-stone walls

Calders River Path

Route to do on foot, by bike or on horseback

Arquitectura d’Art Romànic

Ruta 7: Visita al patrimoni, 6 ermites.

Around the Mountains

Walk and leisure