To talk about the Moianès region is to talk about its cuisine. The very finest ingredients are combined in numerous ways and the result is a large number of varied recipes, cooked by chefs that pay close attention to detail and to the spirit of the local culinary traditions.

Where to eat

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  • • Moià
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Gastronomic restaurant which combines creative meals and traditional ones.

Tosca Bar Musical

Bar musical a Moià

Taverna L’Spina

Taverna l’Spina “el racó de Collsuspina”

Taula N.1

Traditional dishes, grill and porró (wine jar with a long spout for drinking from)


Bar a Moià

Moianès Restaurant

Fine texture and flavour dishes

Mas Can Puxes (formerly Floriac)

Grilled meats and seasonal menus

Magadins Vell

Market cuisine, grilled meats and local products from the Moianès region

Les Voltes de Sant Sebastià

Market cuisine made with the finest local produce

Les Brases de Mas Padrisa

Country house with catering service

La Violeta

Traditional and seasonal cuisine. Daily set menu and tasting menu.

La Vinyota

Bar a Castellterçol

La Vicaria

Bar al centre de Moià

La Torre de Casanova

Multipurpose space

La Teula

Homemade dishes, market cuisine

La Poua

Entirely homemade, freshly cooked dishes

La Masia del Solà

Innovation and tradition

La Masia

Market cuisine and creative cooking

La Manyosa

Farmhouse and restaurant

La Manduca

Market cuisine

La Guàrdia

Creative and market Catalan cuisine

La Granota

Barbecue or family party venue for hire.

La Fàbrega

Restaurant located in a former flour mill surrounded by nature

La Bufa

Home-style cooking


Country cooking


Bar a Moià


Rice specialities and sit-down breakfasts

Il maestro

Italian restaurant

Hostal Santa Maria

Catalan cuisine and friendly ambiance

Hostal Grau

Grau guesthouse

Hostal Castellterçol

Seasonal cuisine and rustic atmosphere

Gill Food Kebab

Kebab, durum, and now… pizza

Frankfurt Cal Tete

Bar a Moià

Fonda Safaja

Homemade, local, traditional and, above all, natural cuisine!

Entre pa i pa

Granja cafeteria, forn de pa i degustació

Els tres roures

Tapas and set main course specialities

El Xaloc

Eight dining rooms of different characteristics

El Toll

Years offering quality homemade dishes

El Rubell

Natural produce, charcoal fire and homemade dishes

El Revolt

Traditional cuisine and friendly service

El Racó del Pou

Bar a Calders

El Prat Bar and Restaurant

Located in the El Prat industrial estate, in Moià Market and seasonal cuisine, daily meals and weekend meals.

El Petit Celler

Bar a Moià

El Mirador del Fai

Home-style cooking halfway between the Moianès region and Sant Miquel del Fai

El Jardinet

Bar a Moià

El Condal

Bar a Moià

El Colom

Mediterranean market cuisine

El Casal

Bar a Moià

El Canadell

A leisure option for families and groups of children

Creperia Dolç i Salat

Creperia a Moià

Can Xarina

Traditional Catalan dishes and market cuisine. Over 300 wines on the wine list Initially, the Can Xarina Inn was a solitary guesthouse on the old main road dating back to 1550, run by a second-class family for more than a century.

Can Soldevila

From the simplest dish to the most important celebration

Can Forner

Grilled meat specialities

Cal Sala

Bar a Castellcir

Cal Ramonet

Bar a Santa Maria d’Oló

Cafeteria Llorenç

Bar a Moià

Ca la Tona

Organic food products and products from the Moianès region

Blau Verd


Blat l’Art a Taula Restaurant

Homemade pizzas, salads, tapas and pasta


Bar a Moià amb petita terrasseta a l’interior

Bar Sport

Bar a Monistrol de Calders

Bar restaurant Sima i Maria

Bar restaurant a Moià

Bar Restaurant Càmping l’Illa

Located in the campsite

Bar Plaça

Bar a Santa Maria d’Oló

Bar Pavelló

Bar a Moià

Bar Monestir

Bar a L’Estany

Bar l’Àngel

Bar a Castellterçol

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Bar a Castellterçol