Hotels, guesthouses, country holiday homes, campsites; these are just a few of the wide range of accommodation options you have to stay in the Moianès region, and you can be sure that the experience will be one you will want to repeat! Peace and quiet, a friendly atmosphere and getting in touch with nature are all a guaranteed part of your stay.

You will find many activities here related to sports, adventure, culture, heritage and nature. You can go horse riding, play golf, ride motocross, admire the landscape from the air in an ultralight aircraft, immerse yourself in the prehistory of the area, discover the houses of Enric Prat de la Riba and Rafael Casanova, and see where the Augustinian monks lived. All this and much more in the Moianès region!

To talk about the Moianès region is to talk about its cuisine. The very finest ingredients are combined in numerous ways and the result is a large number of varied recipes, cooked by chefs that pay close attention to detail and to the spirit of the local culinary traditions.

The Moianès Ecomuseum offers you the chance to see the region’s pre-industrial heritage sites in their original locations. You will experience what it was like to live in a masia, a traditional Catalan farmhouse, visit an ice well, see a wool washing place and walk around the L’Estany mine, among many other activities.

Food production is an increasingly important sector in the Moianès region, from animal and vegetable farming to the long tradition of meat curers and butchers, bakers, pastry chefs, chocolatiers and cheese sellers, as well as producers and distributors of organic products.

If you take a walk through the central streets of the Moianès towns, you will discover a range of shops with local, quality artisan products.

The Moianès region has long been a destination for hiking and excursions, with an extensive network of signposted paths which allow you to choose outings suitable for a range of levels. You can opt for a gentle after lunch walk or longer, whole day or multiple day routes; on foot, bicycle or horseback.

The Moianès boasts a beautiful, kind, gentle natural environment with dolmens, ice wells and prehistoric caves which take us back to the times of our ancestors. The area’s chapels, masias, stone villages and caves all bear witness to the lives of their former inhabitants, whilst the region’s churches, castles, monasteries and Romanesque and baroque art are all imbued with a strong sense of heritage. Come and visit us!

Fairs, festivities and markets are organised throughout the year, allowing us to discover a wide range of products from the Moianès region. Apart from the more traditional celebrations, there are a number of other cultural events organised by local entities. Come and join in the fun!

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Here you will find all the fairs, festivities, activities and other events that are happening in the local region’s ten towns during the month of February.

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Conferència a càrrec del periodista ANTONI BASSAS

Divendres 5 de juliol
Horari: 2/4 de 7 de la tarda
Lloc: Auditori Sant Josep. Moià

Universitat d’estiu del Moianès
Universitat d’estiu del Ramón Llul
Campus Moianès 2019

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