Associació La Datzira

In Mas la Datzira we live in the countryside and off the countryside. We have been here for 12 years but we have been doing organic farming ever since 1998. We work together as a cooperative (currently there are 4 people working here). At present, our total arable land reaches 3 hectares, and we reserve fallow land yearly, so as to enable land regeneration. We have a small herd of goats, hens (“sponsored” by the cooperative members), pigs, a she- donkey and a donkey, and thanks to all of them we can offer vegetables, dairy produce, eggs, kid and pork meat. We do not use any conventional farming methods (we give priority to animal welfare and the maximum horticultural variety over profitability criteria), therefore we do not consider ourselves a farm or a livestock farm. We also obtain vegetable sprouts, we make dairy products such as cottage cheese, yoghurt, cheese, sourdough bread baked in a wood-fired oven, herb flavoured oils and salt, medicinal plants and remedies (echinacea, propolis tinctures, etc.).
If you are interested in organic farming and you want to purchase produce, receive information or knowledge directly from the producers, thus sharing in our project, contact us!


Responsable: Paloma Fuentes

Productor: Productes d’horta ecològics CCPAE i cabrits

Mas La Datzira | 08183 Castellcir

649 54 31 04