Biodelícies, SCP

BioDelícies is the result of an enterprising family of bakers, dating back over 7 generations (ever since 1883). For 11 years now, they have exclusively been producing organic bread and pastries using traditional recipes and artisanal methods, while also remaining open to improvement and innovation so as to make a difference in the market.
BioDelícies is located in the village of Castellcir, an area where most of the organic food companies in the Moianès region are based. Some of their outstanding products include dextrinised bread, cereal bread, rye bread and wholemeal spelt bread. On the other hand, pastries include heart-shaped puff pastries, cookies and bread sticks.
Their main products are exceptional owing to their ingredients as well as their production, since they are handmade and theirs is the only organic bread served fresh daily in the area.


Responsable: Jaume i Marc Escolano Noguera

Elaborador i distribuïdor: Productes integrals d’en Jaume i Biodelicies: pa, gelateria, coques…

Mas Montserrat, s/n | 08183 Castellcir

93 866 67 23 | 616 95 23 29