Cal Noc

Artisan pork butchers since 1917.
The philosophy of Cal Noc is simple: raw ingredients are the most important, otherwise it is impossible to make good sausages. What is more, we take great care regarding the use of food additives: if they are dispensable, we do not use them, and if they are necessary, we use the minimum possible dose.
As for our customer service, our maxim is “a good product for the best price”.
One of the most popular products of Cal Noc is our fuet (type of Catalan dry-cured pork sausage): we use the best selection of pork meat, the right amount of bacon and jowl, a pinch of salt and black pepper, and we stuff it into natural sausage casing. In order to obtain fuet with an excellent taste and texture, an adequate curing process must follow.
You can taste our four varieties: the classic fuet, the pepper-free fuet, the extra pepper one and the fuet with a taste of chorizo. It is worth mentioning that our fuet is suitable for people with coeliac disease, since it does not contain gluten.


Responsable: Francesc Vilardell Dalmau

Elaborador: Cansaladeria

 Av. de la Vila, 10 | 08180 Moià

93 830 00 19