Cal Sabata

In the heart of the Moianès region, in the historic town centre of L’Estany you will find Cal Sabata, a fully restored, traditional house that has been used for rural tourism since 2002. With capacity for 11 people, it is the ideal place to spend a weekend with friends, family or in a large group.

Due to its location between the sea and the Pyrenees, at an altitude of between 800 and 900 metres, with its dry, sunny climate right in the centre of Catalonia and the fact that it is near to big cities and easily accessible, Cal Sabata is perfect for a break to enjoy the house and its surroundings all year round.

What’s more, in the town and local area there are a large number of activities to spend a few days relaxing away from the worries of everyday life. For younger guests, we have a large garden and board games, as well as other facilities such as the local playground and municipal swimming pool. There are some extremely interesting local outings such as a visit to the L’Estany monastery, the most important Romanesque monastery in the area and one of the most representative buildings of Catalan Romanesque architecture.


 C. Major, 15   | 08148 l’Estany

   Tel:  93 830 31  20 | 628 63 84 72