Casa Amella Bio Food, s.l.

Casa Amella is a family business set up in 2002 in Castellterçol (Barcelona), with the aim of offering traditional, quality food products based on vegetables central to the Mediterranean diet.
At Casa Amella, we select the best local raw ingredients, preserve them and then package, bottle or can them in six product families which are currently: dry pasta, roast vegetables, extra virgin oils, olives, sauces and wild mushrooms. Our products stand out for their clarity, taste, and personality.
Last but not least, it should be noted that our company’s challenge is to contribute to a healthier, safer and environmentally-friendly diet, since we think that we are what we eat.


Responsable: Dani Amella / Elaborador i distribuïdor: Productes naturals i ecològics.

 Pol. Ind. El Prat – Ronda de les Conques, 6 | 08180 Moià

931 152 152