Castellterçol Castle

Castellterçol Castle has been declared a site of historical and cultural interest and dates back to the 9th century. The remains of the main tower, the cemetery and the outer wall have been conserved.

16th century workers’ cottage, within the grounds of Castellterçol Castle. Furnished with comfortable antique furniture, it has large outside spaces around the main tower. There are historical spaces open to the public and a private residence. The groundskeepers reside on the ground floor, with independent entrances.

The castle is located in a peaceful, forested area, from which outings can be made around the Moianès region. Day trips further afield can also be organised, for example to the Pyrenees, the Costa Brava, Montserrat, Vic, Ripoll, etc.


 Castell de Sant Miquel | 08183 Castellterçol

 93 304 37 74 (Reserves: Ruralverd) /