Circular route around Sant Quirze Safaja

We start the route at the Ajuntament (town hall) and go up the Màrius Torres stairs to the top of the town. We come out at Carrer Major, where we turn to the right and continue to the end and reach the Plaça de l’Església. We carry on to the right, following the cliff until we arrive at the Mirador de la Campana viewpoint with some beautiful views over the River Tenes Valley.

We return via the way we came until we reach the church again. Just before entering the Plaça, we turn to the right to follow the paved road which goes downhill. We continue along Carrer del Rector Vallver until we arrive at the Parc de l’Aigua along Carrer del Molí Vell.
We continue along the paved street Passent de Caldes, going away from the pond and joining Carrer del Sol. We continue down until we arrive at a junction, where we take Camí de Salt Gener to the left. We cross the bridge over the stream and arrive at the road. We take the road to the left towards the town centre.
In front of the stairs which lead us back to the town hall, we now take the narrow track that goes off to the left towards the river. A bit further on we find the Faig Monumental (Great Beech Tree).
If we want to extend the route, we can continue along the track which runs between the forest and the riverbank and which leads to the Molí (mill) rock ledge, under the pond. We would then return the way we came to arrive back at the town hall, where we started our route.


Aquest itinerari és un agradable passeig pel municipi indicat per a tothom.

Longitud: 2.6 km. Durada : 42 minuts. Desnivell: 60 m. Dificultat: baixa