Delícies del Moianès, SCP

From the region of Moianès, we would like to offer to whoever might be interested our local traditional products, ranging from natural fruit juices to nuts, and from jams to cream of vegetable soups.

You will discover countless products for your retail shop or business, as well as for your cuisine and diet.
By visiting our website you will discover a wide choice of products coming from our land, and honouring our traditional cuisine that we sometimes miss, like for example, a nice picada (Catalan mash of garlic, herbs and nuts) to sprinkle over a dish of veal with mushrooms, which will remind us of our mother’s, the best of all.
And what do you think of the natural apple juice, so healthy and so diuretic?
And how about the toast with butter and peach, strawberry or raspberry jam, which our granny used to make for us when we had just got back from school?

All those who long for traditional products of our land, those who long for tasting natural products and nice food, are invited to visit our website, and of course, to taste our artisan products.


Responsable: Rosalia Membrive Serra i Jordi Passarell Vilalta

Distribuïdors: Sucs de fruites, fruits secs, melmelades, cremes de verdures…

C. Mossèn Isidre Dalmau, 14 | 08180 Moià

93 830 02 34 | 687 96 12 92