El Canadell

El Canadell is an entirely restored 17th century farmhouse surrounded by arable fields and forests. The facilities include a large dining room with a capacity for 110 diners, another one for 30 diners, and accommodation for 200 children. In the summer, another dining room for 40 diners is provided.
The characteristics of the farmhouse make it the ideal place for group gatherings, birthday celebrations, first communion celebrations, weddings and other events. However, El Canadell is special as a leisure option for families or groups including children, since it offers young boys and girls the chance to enjoy nature, surrounded by farm animals such as geese, pigs, fowl, lambs, etc. and even more exotic ones like the Catalan burro, goats and emus among others. Thus, they can enjoy a perfect lunch with both their family and friends, and then, while their parents are sitting on after the meal they can keep themselves entertained watching the farm animals, constantly accompanied by supervisors who look after them.



 Ctra. N141C, Km. 11,900 | 08275 Calders

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