El Raiguer

Fermentus revives the culture and tastes of bread made from sourdough. Naturally fermented bread is a gastronomic heritage that is disappearing very fast due to the new bread making techniques which turn bread into an increasingly tasteless and unhealthy product that easily becomes stale.

Fermentus uses exclusively organic flours, mainly locally grown stone-ground spelt and wheat flour. These give our bread a typically traditional taste and texture, while providing a large amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Fermentus does not add any type of chemical flour improvers, additives or emulsifiers to their bread.

Fermentus makes sourdough starting from organic natural ferments, which act more slowly than the conventional ones, thus ensuring much more intense flavours and improving natural bread preservation.

Fermentus provides easily digestible and healthy bread, since long fermentation breaks the carbohydrate chains of flours and, in a way, “predigests” them. This is why slowly fermented bread makes digestion easier and prevents the heavy feeling produced by conventional precooked and artificially leavened bread currently found on the market.

Fermentus offers healthy, organic and highly nutritional crusty country bread with intense savour.

At Fermentus, we knead the dough manually and make loaves one by one, therefore each piece is unique, so that it may become the ideal complement to your dishes.


Responsable: Ramon Martínez Mirosa

Elaborador: Pa ecològic, fet a mà amb massa mare, pastisseria i gelats. Distribució a l’engròs. Ens definim com artesans amb tecnologia.

Treballem amb matèries primeres d’alta qualitat i preferentment ecològiques i de proximitat.

 Ctra. de Barcelona, 14 | 08189 Sant Quirze Safaja

93 102 49 52