Fai Ecològic

We are a team of qualified professionals with backgrounds in health and environmental and communication sciences, working together with the aim of integrating different fields related to health, the environment, organic farming, human relationships and communication.

The activity of Fai Ecològic focuses on two areas: on the one hand, the activity of training, consultancy, dissemination, study and research carried out in the above-mentioned fields by way of L’Institut d’Estudis d’Ecologia Aplicada (Institute for Applied Ecology); on the other hand, organic farming and livestock farming.

We are located in the heart of the protected natural area of Cingles de Bertí, where arable fields, buildings laden with history, woods and nature mix harmoniously to create a peaceful environment which enables us to develop activities favouring health, self-discovery, artistic and motor expression, increased environmental awareness, sustainable development and social integration.


Responsable: Rosmarie Cammany

Productor: Xai ecològic CCPAE i mel

 Mas El Serrà. Km. 6,4 Crta. C1413b | 08189 Sant Quirze Safaja

93 284 07 27