Granja La Bassola, SAT

At La Bassola livestock farm we breed top quality calves native to the region. Thanks to our family tradition and advised by our veterinary surgeons and nutritionists, we have managed to market tasty and tender veal, with excellent nutritional properties. We have been rearing calves on our own farm since 1971, and we avoid intermediaries, supplying the meat directly to the final consumer, thus ensuring maximum confidence and security.

At La Bassola farm we look after our calves’ maximum welfare, ensuring complete and suitable feeding according to their needs. In our facilities we follow the good animal husbandry practices and we observe the standards of conservation of our natural environment.


Responsable: Josep/Miquel Mas Serra /

Productor: Vedella. Distribució directa de la granja al consumidor – CCPAE – manipulació carn ecològica

 Ctra. Castellcir, s/n | 08183 Castellterçol

93 744 20 48 | 629 13 42 75