Productes del Moianès, SL (Nadolç)

Nadolç makes organic products for a better health and balance.
Since 1988, Nadolç has been making natural products of high nutritional and biological quality: yoghurts, fermented soya bean products, crème caramel and kefir. Products from organic farming, with all the personal and social benefits they entail: nice taste, healthy, no toxic elements, environmentally-friendly and respectful towards farming traditions, promoting biodiversity, etc.
Nadolç has been fitted with all the latest technology so as to manufacture its products in a clean, environmentally-friendly way, with every guarantee provided by its official approval by the Catalan Council for Agricultural Organic Production (CCPAE).


Responsable: Lluis Espinal Ribosa

Elaborador i distribuïdor: Productes làctics ecològics i postres de soja CCPAE

 Av. del Prat, carrer B, nau 2 | 08180 Moià

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