The Moianès Hiking Trail

It is an incredible circular path for hikers, with internal radial ramifications which go all the way through the outskirts of the Moianès region. This trail is suitable both for hikers and mountain bikers, however, for the latter, a high level is required.
It has a distance of 115.5 km. The trail can be covered in four days, on foot, or two days, if mountain biking. The signposting allows the visitor to follow the trail on both ways, from any crossing point and in the most suitable stretches of track. (The route is indicated by the GR white and red markings and wooden signs). This route is not at all difficult, except during the rainy season, when wading across the river is necessary.
Any part of the trail can be the starting point for a good walk, which does not require following the entire route described, or doing it in a single day. Everyone can find a good itinerary, attractive and adapted to their preferences and physical faculties; there are many radial routes and other interesting itineraries in every single town of this beautiful natural area.