Tirotella is a cultural and educational services company, providing extracurricular and leisure activities in different schools, as well as in the El Canadell, Les Quingles and Torrecabota masias (traditional Catalan farmhouses) in Calders. (All have parking facilities for coaches).

A range of activities are run in the masias, including grape picking, recycling, gardening, studying medicinal plants, nature study and painting, forest study; making jam, bread, coca (traditional Catalan pastry) and biscuits; farm activities, studying a masia, archaeology, pre-historical activities

and those relating to rivers, etc. We also celebrate traditional festivals such as St George’s Day, Caga Tió and Carnival.


El Canadell / Les Quingles / Torrecabota – Calders

93 830 91 51 (Tirotella)